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The Cheerleading Squad shall be known as the Sussex Tornados


1.1 To provide facilities for the recreation and Leisure time for young people from the age of 5, in the interest of social welfare by the provision of training and performing in cheerleading activities so as to develop their physical and mental capacities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society and that their conditions of life may be improved.


2.1 A cheerleader candidate must support the tornado’s above all other teams.

2.2 A candidate if under 18 years old must provide parental permission.

2.3 A candidate may be male or female and a minimum age of 5 years

2.4 Acceptance of a candidate shall be on the basis of ability, the coach’s agreement, acceptance of the squad rules, and without prejudice fully endorsing the ethic of “sport for all”.


3.1 The Sussex Tornado’s Cheerleaders are an open squad. The squad will consist of various groups depending on which age category you fit into.

3.2 The entire squad will cheer at, promotions, fund raisers, community and charity events as may be designated on the basis of event requirements and travel arrangements. Such proportion and the selection of same will be assigned on a rotating basis, to compete at competitions.


4.1 All cheerleaders will attend practice sessions

4.2 All cheerleaders, managers and coaches, are required to attend camps as a squad.

4.3 Competitions: The Head Coaches will decide whether or not to enter a competition.

4.4 Social Activities: All members are encouraged, but not required to attend. Advance notice of non attendance is required.

4.5 Team activities other than Competitions: As social activities, but members will be required to attend a reasonable proportion of these duties throughout the year.

4.6 If any other activities or opportunities are chosen by the coach’s managers, the coaches/managers shall decide if the event is mandatory or optional. Reasonable notice of all such activities/opportunities will be given for mandatory events, and as early as possible for others.


5.1 Annual Camp/Clinics: The cheerleader is responsible for the cost of attending. Fund raiser projects will be available to assist those participating.

5.2 Transportation: The squad managers/coaches will be responsible for supplying competition/event transport, although for long distance competition/events the cheerleaders may be required to pay a proportion towards the cost. Such costs will be notified in advance. Wherever possible cheerleaders will make their own way to and from practice. Practice transport will only be provided where practical and/or necessary at the discretion of the managers/coaches.

5.3 Competitions: The squad members/managers/coaches will bear the cost of competition entry. Members will bear a proportion of transport costs to cover fuel/hire etc.

5.4 Members will provide their own refreshments

5.5 Each cheerleader will pay £4.00 per week in subs, or such amount as decided by the board of Trustees. This sum will go towards cost of insurance, hire of training facilities, additional/replacement uniforms, and other squad operating costs as agreed by the board of trustees.

5.6 Insurance is mandatory and will normally be provided through subs and arranged by the managers/coaches.

5.7 The managers/coaches will continue to source funding streams for the squad over and above squad donated funds where possible.

5.8 Each member will be required to purchase certain items of clothing/uniform for hygienic reasons. These will be listed.


6.1 We do not hold try outs each member will be placed in squad position according to their ability and age.


7.1 Cheering for a team- we are not currently under contract to do so.


8.1 The Trustees will regulate proceedings as they think fit, subject to the provisions set out in this constitution.

8.2 The trustees are responsible for ensuring that squad members are insured, that safety is the top priority at all times, that First Aid is available and emergency contact list is kept up to date and present at all times.

8.3 The safety and conduct guidelines of the USASF Rules are followed and upheld.

8.4 The Head Coaches and the trustees are responsible for organising and arranging training schedule, equipment, training facilities, travel and events.

8.5 Trustees are responsible for maintaining uniforms  


9.1 All new or replacement trustees must be elected/voted by current Board of Trustees at the Annual General Meeting, only if existing trustees wish to resign.

9.2 The board of trustees will consist of: A Chairman, A Treasurer, A Secretary, Head Coaches, Squad Representative/Member, 2 x additional Committee members.


9.3 The Elected Treasurer will be responsible for all Sussex Tornados payments and receipts. They will prepare a monthly summary of all Monies, They will prepare Year end Accounts Summary and it will be their responsibility to have the Annual Accounts Audited.

9.4 The Elected Chairman will chair all meetings when possible, and will nominate another trustee to do so in his/her absence. The Trustees must meet once a year, but the Sussex Tornados will aim to meet Quarterly. Any of the trustees can call a meeting in-between these times if they feel necessary.

9.5 Questions arising at a meeting must be decided by a majority of votes. In the case of an equality of votes, the person who chairs the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.

9.6: Minutes will be taken at every meeting, all trustees will receive a copy of these minutes and they will be signed off at the beginning of the next meeting.


10.1 To be set by the coaches/managers, at regular coaches meetings.

10.2 All cheerleaders are required to attend all practice sessions unless valid reasons are notified to the coaches/managers.


11.1 Uniforms will be provided for the competing members of the squad at a cost of £35 non refundable hire fee. Uniforms must be kept in good and clean condition. The coaches may decide to purchase additional or replacement uniform items from squad funds/fund/ raisers/sponsorship etc, with the approval of the committee.

11.2 Any uniform that is returned damaged and deemed unusable by the managers must be paid for at replacement cost by the cheerleader into whose care it was given.


12.1 For safety reasons jewellery or watches will not be worn with uniform or at practice.

12.2 Uniforms must be kept spotless at all times.

12.3 Makeup should be natural and not excessive.

12.4 All hair styles must be neat and secured up out of the face, not needing attention (combing etc) whilst performing.

12.5 Cheerleaders should look their best at all times, especially when in uniform

12.6 No Chewing gum


13.1 Squad members are required to maintain and uphold the reputation of the Sussex Tornado’s Cheerleaders through their own conduct and squad spirit.

13.2 Members are required to be courteous, polite, friendly, and try to have a smile for everybody.

13.3 All cheers and chants shall be of a positive and sportsmanlike manner.

13.4 Members will make every attempt to ignore or dissuade negative responses at events and not become involved in such action themselves.


14.1 All cheerleaders will participate in at least two fundraising projects per year. The money raised will be used to fund additional agreed expenses during the year such as extra items of kit or equipment.

14.2 All fund raising activities will be approved by the coaches/managers but we actively encourage suggestions.


15.1 It shall be squad policy that disciplinary action will only be invoked as a last resort, and that every reasonable attempt will be made to avoid situations likely to lead to such action through squad discussion and positive encouragement, by example, and by finding ways and means to correct negative trends.

15.2 A cheerleader may be suspended from games/events for the following reasons:

Unexcused absence, excessive absence or tardiness, failure to cooperate with coaches/managers, failure to abide by squad rules and regulations or a serious breach of Health & Safety.

15.3 A cheerleader may be dismissed from the squad for the following reasons: Excessive and irreconcilable disruptive influence on the squad, conduct likely to bring the squad or team reputation into disrepute. Cheerleaders will be encouraged to abstain from the use of alcohol smoking and drugs.


16.1 Amendments to the organisations constitution may only be made at regular trustee meetings, a special Trustee meeting can be called by any of the trustees at any time.

16.2 Any proposal to change the constitution must be presented at the meeting in writing.

16.3 Any Amendments that affect the members of the Sussex Tornado’s, must be given to the members in writing with at least 2 months notice.

16.4 Any Amendments will require a majority vote by the board of trustees; in the event that the votes are equal the Chairman will have the casting vote.


17.1 If a meeting, by simple majority, decides that it is necessary to close down the organisation it may call a Special General Meeting to do so. The sole purpose of this meeting would be to dissolve the organisation.

17.2 If it is agreed to dissolve the organization all remaining money and other assets i.e. equipment, once outstanding debts have been paid, will be donated to a local charitable organisation. The Charitable organisation to be decided at the meeting.

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