All coaches hold internationally recognised qualifications.

Senior Coaching staff have these qualifications aswell up to and including, Stunts, Baskets & Tumbling level 5.

All are First Aid Qualified.


The Head Coaches / Founders


Lianne Blackwood (37) & Helen Best (36)

Lianne Blackwood and Helen Best are both qualified cheerleading coaches at Masters level NCSSE and hold full credentials to Level 5 USASF. They started coaching the Sussex Tornado's back in 1998 when there was just 8 members. The squad now has over 90 members which consists of 7 competition teams over levels 1 to 3, a SEN Team and a Cheer 4 Fun Team. 

They have, since they started, travelled all over England & Scotland and across the world to Denmark- Norway- Japan- USA- Germany- Malaysia and Russia.

They were asked to perform as part of 'Team UK 2005' and travelled to Tokyo, Japan with another coach Carley Johnson and other cheerleaders from across the UK, to compete against the worlds best at the Worlds Cheerleading Championships.

In June 2006 they were also asked to be part of the 'Stunt and Cheer Allstars' who competed at Loughborough University. And While Helen took the Junior Coed Stunt team to Norway to compete at the European championships, Lianne travelled to Malaysia with the BCA and taught thousands of cheerleaders and judged their National and regional competitions.

Lianne was again successful and became part of the 'Team UK 2008' and travelled to Orlando, Florida to compete at the Worlds Cheerleading Championships and has also passed her judges exams so is now a qualified judge!!

Lianne has also received an award for Best Coach/Manager 2010 in the Community stars awards which were voted by readers of the Worthing herald and Littlehampton Gazette.

Lianne can now present NCSSE coaches courses, where she will have the pleasure in qualifying brand new coaches of cheerleading teams around the country.

These are all great achievements to have under the Sussex Tornados belt!!!

2018-2019 coaches -

Leah Greenwood, Kelly Alderton, Lianne Blackwood, Tara Swift, Carley Johnson, Helen Best, Hannah Roberts, Jordan Burdon, Abbie Wickens, Kelly Jordan and Ria Jones.


All coaches and trustees are voluntary and all give up their time to teach their squads for the love of the sport.

Carley Johnson (34) Head Coach

Carley oversees all teams within the Tornados family. She is the first point of call for all parents and cheerleaders and coaches the Mini, Junior and Senior Teams. She is the Tornados tumble coach who spends the majority of her time at the cheer gym, as well as working full time. Carley offers private sessions for those cheerleaders who want to work on specific elements of their cheerleading.

Our teams and their Coaches

Cloudburst - Tiny level 1 : Aged 5 to 7

Coached by Jordan Burdon

Assistant coach - Abbie Wickens

Team Captains - Ria Jones and Leah Greenwood


Thunderbolts - Mini level 1 : Aged 8 and younger

Coached by Carley Johnson and Hannah Roberts

Assistant coach - Tara Swift

Lightning Strikes - Youth Level 1 - Aged 11 and younger  

Coached by Kelly Jordan and Hannah Roberts


Ultimate Storm - Youth Level 2 - Aged 11 and younger  

Coached by Kelly Alderton and Jordan Burdon


Full Force 10 - Junior Level 2 - Aged 14 and younger

Coached By Carley Johnson and Jordan Burdon


Supreme Thunder - Senior Level 1 - Aged 10+ years

Coached by Carley Johnson


Hurricane Extreme - Senior Level 3 - Aged 10+ years

Coached by Lianne Blackwood, Carley Johnson and Helen Best

Flashback - Masters - Aged 17+

Coached by Carley Johnson

Cheer 4 Fun - Aged 4+

Coached by Tara Swift, Ria Jones and Leah Greenwood

Phil Jeffrey - Sussex Tornados Chairman

Phil Jeffrey has been with the Sussex Tornados since day one in 1998, where he started coaching gymnastics. He then took on the role of Chairman of the Sussex Tornados Charity when we became registered Charity in 2011. He has always been and will always be a true and loyal friend to the Sussex Tornados.


 As A Registered Charity the Board of Trustees make all decisions regarding the running and operation of the Sussex Tornado's.

Treasurer = Lillian Weston

Secretary = Stevie Coe

Head Coach = Lianne Blackwood

Head Coach = Helen Best

Coaches Representative = Carley Johnson

Parent Representative = Emma Babonau

Fundraising Secretary = Lisa Wickens  

Trustee = Peter Weston 

If you would like to contact any of the trustees you can do so at  and your email will be directed accordingly

Sussex Tornados no longer have waiting lists if you want to join our Allstar Cheerleading Programme please contact us HERE!


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