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Lianne Weston - Coach/Manager of the Year 2010

Lianne weston was nominated by 3 of her cheerleaders and their parents for this years Coach of the year in the Worthing Herald and Littlehampton Gazette, The results were done on votes from the readers of the local papers. On November 14th 2010 Lianne Collected her trophy for Coach of the Year.

A Few Words from the Coach:

" I would like to thank everyone that first up nominated me for the award (Karen Smith, Julie Mirkovic and Collette Clear), i would also like to thank everyone that took the time to vote for me, i am really happy to have walked away with the trophy, and it makes me even more proud if that is even possible to coach the Sussex Tornados Cheerleaders. I could not of done any of it without Helen Best who started the team with me back in 1998, and we had and still do have a lot of help from Phil Jefferys and my parents, Also lately we are training up current cheerleaders to coach the younger teams so that the staff at tornados can all grow to make awesome coaches. I have over the 13 years of tornados had so many oppotunitys to travel the world and be part of Allstar teams representing my country and i will do everything in my power to try and give the members of Sussex tornados the same oppotunitys i had, Thank you to every member of the Sussex Tornados there is no I in Team and you have proved over the years what a great team you are which is why you bring home the results you deserve, you are a pleasure to coach and i wouldnt change you for the world, Thank you all"

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