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STC Fundraising

As a team, having doubled the number of athletes in our program, we decided that the 2018-2019 season was our season to completely update our uniforms. However this meant that we needed £15,000 in 5 months if we wanted them all in time for our first competition in February. We had many fundraising ideas to help us with this goal, but not a lot of time to fit them all in. Follow below for our story... 

For our annual presentation evening, we sold entry wristbands and donated all money to our uniform fund. We also ran a raffle with prizes that had been donated from parents, athletes and local businesses. This was a good start to our fundraising. 

With the money raised from awards evening, and donations from families and friends, we reached our first £1,000. 

While training, coaching and helping with fundraisers, in their spare time one of our athletes/coaches began making cheer bows, bow keyrings, bow clips and bow baubles to sell. She took out the money it cost for her to make the items, and all profit went into our uniform fund to help boost our target. 

At the end of August 2018, Coach Carley and Coach Jordan ran a 3 day Summer Tumble Camp

open to all athletes. We had an outstanding result from this with many athletes learning new skills and cleaning up existing skills. Summer Tumble Camp raised a total of £825, allowing us to colour in our £2,000 marker. 

A huge thank you to Jark Recruitment for our £500 sponsorship towards our new uniforms. 

Along with more donations on our Just Giving page, this helps us reach our £3,000 and was greatly appreciated.  

The head coaches of Sussex Tornados made the decision to put out a post on social media and invite all ex-tornados members to return for one last time to compete at Legacy Just Believe in February. The subs from the athletes of Flashback every week were put straight into the uniform fund. This was a huge push each week. 

Flashback went on to compete at Legacy Just Believe in February 2019, placing 1st place and bringing home the banner! This was such a good feeling for everyone involved; athletes and spectators. 

We continued to attend fetes through-out the year, making our stall better and showcasing our routines. We ran tombola's and games on our stall, and every penny that was donated went straight into our uniform fund. 

With more cash donations, along with fete collections, we reached our £4,000!!

STC hosted our very own quiz night at the Empress Bar in Littlehampton for everyone to attend. We raised an amazing £450 on just one night. Thank you to everyone that attended, and Well Done to our winners!!

We had lots of teddies donated from athletes and parents, so we gave these out and asked athletes to run a 'Guess the name of the teddy' from home. All they needed to do was ask friends and family to choose a name of their choice for the bear, pay £1 to enter, and the name was drawn at the end. Whoever's teddy name was pulled, won the bear. Each bear that was taken home, had £20 returned each after the draw. In total, we had around £200 raised!! 

A big thank you to Southdown Property Solutions for our donation of £150. This is so appreciated and really helps towards our £15,000 target. 

Coach Jordan and Coach Carley gave up their weekend and ran private tumbling sessions back to back every hour. Every pound raised for this was donated straight to the uniform fund. Raising £170 between them, we hit our 1/3!! 


Some of our coaches and athletes spent the weekend at Tesco in Littlehampton, assisting shoppers and helping to pack shopping bags. Everyone we met were so lovely, and it was a pleasure to help!

We had an incredible weekend, raising an outstanding £1696.23 for our uniform fund! We cannot thank everybody who donated enough for your support. 

The weekend bag packing saw us not only hit our £6,000 marker, but pushed us well into our £7,000! 

We planned a sponsored walk which some of our coaches, athletes, and even parents took part in. Each of us collected donations from our friends and family, to help towards our Uniform fund. 

After walking 8 miles in the boiling sun from Worthing Pier to Littlehampton Pier, we were very happy to see the finish line - It was hard work, but so much fun!!

Coach Jordan and Coach Carley ran another 3 day tumble camp to work on tumbling skills. This was open to not only our athletes, but athletes of other teams too. It was amazing for Sussex Tornados athletes to mix with other athletes, and it was really nice for the coaches to work with them also. 

This tumble camp raised an amazing £1020 for our Uniform Fund!

With the money collected in from our sponsored walk, tumble camp, plus still receiving donations on our Just Giving page - we were able to colour in our 8k and 9k markers!! 

Four of our younger athletes held a cake sale to help towards Sussex Tornados fundraising goal. This really pushed towards our next target, and I'm sure many people enjoyed the cakes they had brought and baked.

At the start of our fundraising journey, we had fundraising buckets and collection boxes made and branded up. We used the collection buckets for our bag packing, cake sales and sponsored walks. With the collection boxes, we had them placed in shops, pubs and restaurants to collect any loose change the public may have and would like to donate to charity.  

With the money from our collection boxes, added to the money raised by the cake sale, we reached £10,000. 


This was a really big push for us as a whole team! We had worked so hard to raise how much we already had, however knowing we only had £5,000 to go until we hit our final target was an unexplainable feeling. 

Full Force 10 were so excited to start their training session off by announcing this to our social media pages!! 


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