Scot Cheer 2008

The Senior squad returned from Scotland in April with some amazing and un expected results:

1st place- Senior Coed Group Stunt- CHAMPIONS

2nd Place- Senior Coed Cheer

4th Place- Senior Partner Stunt

8th Place- Senior Dance Large

We once again took a long coach journey to Dundee to try our luck at the Scot Cheer competition, and what a rollacoster time we had. With 2 members pulling out the week before and 2 members the day before we left, panic stations hit an all time high! But in true Tornado style, we got together and we worked it out just fine. With a serious injury in the practise area too we didn't think we had much hope but hats off and great thanks to Amy, who went on the floor anyway and did her best which was the best as every one of her stunts hit despite the tears and the pain!! well done Amy xx

We competed against Electric Candy last year who are amazing and they wiped the floor and we were against them again this year and to our joy we managed to pull off a 1st place in our Coed group Stunt which we never expected and we were over the moon!!

(Pics to follow)



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