Elite Cheerleading Championships - Movie world - Germany 2010

The Sussex Tornados travelled to Germany again this year and a great weekend was had by all results are below!

A list of participants competing on the weekend of the 22nd & 23rd May 2010 can be found HERE!

Junior Coed Group Stunt - Level 6 - 2nd place.... AWESOME!!!Kirstie Wilson, Jake Barnard, Zac Smith, Ben Rowe and Amy Fruen

Senior Allgirl Group Stunt - Level 6 - 5th place -Mary-ann Dimmer, Carley Johnson, Amy Dumigan, Rachael Godward & Shellee Spooner. They competed against 27 other european teams so great result!!

Senior coed Group Stunt - Level 6 - 6th place - Vicky Graudinia, Ben Barnard, Stephen Nichols, Ritchie Boyd & Lianne Weston - competed against 16 other european teams.

Senior Partner Stunt - Level 6 - 15th Place - Amy Dumigan & Ben Barnard, competed against 20 other european teams.

Senior Allgirl Cheer - Level 6 - 15th place - Competed against 21 other european teams

Senior coed Cheer - Level 6 - 7th Place - competed against 8 other european teams.

The Sussex tornados had an awesome weekend and Coaches Lianne Weston, Ben Barnard and Carley johnson were proud of each and everyone of them for putting 100% on the competition floor! We knew before we left that the competition was going to be a lot harder than last year, and we were right the standard from last year has increased tremendously!!! Well done STC!!





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