BCA Southern Classics - November 2011 - Devonshire Park Centre - Eastbourne

The Sussex Tornados travelled by coach to the Devonshire Park Centre in Eastbourn bright and early on Saturday November 5th 2011, there was 86 cheerleaders there to compete in the following divisions:

Prep / Mini Cheer Level 1 - Aged 5 to 9 - 2nd Place!!

Prep / Mini Group Stunt Level 2 - Lilli-mai Golby, Bethany Anderws, Grace Richardson, Emily Woodruff & Molly Wells - 3rd Place!!

Peewee / Youth Cheer Level 2 - Aged 10 - 12 - 2nd Place!!

Peewee / Youth Group Stunt Level 3 - Ellis Jordan, Holly Pierce, Isabella, Sarah Heap and Mel Porter - 1st Place!! 

Junior Cheer Level 3 - Aged 13 - 15 - 1st Place!!

Junior Group Stunt Level 3 - Sophie Weston, Shaunie Barnard, Bryony Burns, Megan Swift & Jordan Burdon.

Senior Allgirl Cheer - Level 4 - Aged 16 + - 1st Place!!

Senior Allgirl Group Stunt Level 5 - Lettie Clear, Katie Turnbull, Sophie Turnbull, Tayla Mirkovic & Hannah Roberts - 2nd Place!!

Senior Coed Group Stunt Level 5 - Lianne Weston, Helen Best, James Fox, Josh Poole & Kirstie Wilson - 1st Place!!!

Adult Open Group Stunt - Ben Barnard, Amy Dumigan, Jake Barnard, Zac Smith & Ben Rowe - 1st Place!!

It was a very long day, but as always the Tornados was well behaved, and supportive of all other teams. They had some good competition and proved they totally had what it takes to be at the Top!!

Coaches are very proud of each and everyone of them, and there trophies are now on show in the training Gym for all to come and see!!




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