The Sussex Tornados travelled to the annual BCA Southern Regional Championships in Brighton this weekend and Boy what a weekend!!!!!


1st Place - Junior Allgirl Level 4 - Champions

1st Place - Senior Coed Level 5 - Champions

1st Place - Senior Coed Group Stunt - Level 5 - Champions

2nd Place - Prep Cheer Level 1

2nd Place - Senior Allgirl Group Stunt - Level 5

2nd Place - Senior Coed Trio - Level 5

3rd Place - Peewee Cheer - Level 2 

3rd Place - Junior Allgirl Group Stunt - Level 5

3rd Place - Senior Dance Large 

4th Place - Peewee group Stunt -Level 3


An Amazing Weekend was had by all the tornado's, they deffinately know how to have fun!!


The STC Prep squad coached by Carley johnson and Alison Burns have never competed before they entered in level 1. They competed in a divison of 6 and came away with 2nd place this was an excellant achievment, and we are so proud.


The STC Peewee squad coached by Kelly Boiling entered level 2, in a divison of 4, they had the toughest catagory of the day. and we were over the moon with their 3rd place trophy, they hit all stunts and were sooooo clean and tight. Well done peewees.


The STC Junior squad coached by Lianne Weston and Helen Coe entered in Level 4, this was there 1st competition as an allgirl squad, they were AWESOME!!!!! It was a bit of a squeeze with them all on the floor as we have so many....They competed in a division on their own which was a shame as we wanted to see how they would fair against other allgirl squads, but with BCA's newly introduced star system for divisons with one entry, we still had a target to meet they finished with 215 points awarding them with one star. Well done girls.


The STC Senior Coed squad coached by Lianne Weston and Helen Coe entered Level 5, again they were in a division on their own which again was disapointing but we finished with 223 points which is only 2 points away from a 2 star rating, and the crowd in the Brighton Centre was amazing they were cheering so much and so loud. We were pleased with our performance and our scores.




Peewee - Tayla, Danielle, Megan W, Kayleigh N and Angela. They perfomred thier group stunt in a division of 9, they were great, all stunts hit and they walked away with a 4th place trophy!


Junior - Jacey, Jodi, Abby W, Amy and Kirsty W. Excellant level 5 routine was pulled of by these girls, and they walked away with a 3rd place trophy out of 10 in their divsion.


Senior Allgirl - Helen Coe, Carley Johnson, Rachel Godward, Becky Avis and Amy Dumigan - WOW this was amazing to watch started a little shaky but they soon pulled it together and were Amazing!!!!! They walked away with a 2nd place trophy out of a division of 10. This is the highest placed trophy we have received in Senior Allgirl Group Stunt. I was sooooo Proud and Amy you soooo sold it!!!


Senior Coed - Ben Barnard, Steve Nichols, Lee Shergold, Craig Obal and Lianne Weston - well this was such an achievement, Senior Coed alway leave everything to the last week, and normally pull it off...... This year we went to the extreme of completing the 1.30min routine the night before competition and even in the practice hall the stunts just wouldn't hit!  But We pulled it off guys another year anouther 1st place and it felt amazing!!!!!


Trio - Ben Barnard, Steve Nichols and lianne Weston.  Well Well Well what can we say it was the best trio routine we have ever had, and we started soooooo well...... We had the best fun out there on the floor, but maybe with a little more time between group stunt and trio we might of pulled it off, but huge Congratulations to Pink Poison on their 1st place - the 1st Allgirl group to win it they should be soooo proud.


Senior Dance Large - Walked away with a 3rd place, we love dance we are not technical like the dance schools but we still hold our own.


Awesome Weekend!!!! Well Done Tornados you are the BOMB!!!!!!!!


Below The Sussex Tornados 2008 With Trophys. 



Below Prep Squad: 




Below Conner & Libby.



Below Senior Dance:









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