The Sussex Tornados attended the Future Cheer Nationals July 4th 2009.


We took our prep squad Aged 4 - 9 and our Peewee Squad 10 - 12.

They took to the floor and looked fantastic! Both Returning with 6th Place Trophies.


Prep Squad had a lot of new members this year and this was the 1st time they took to the competition floor, and they did an awesome Job. All of their Stunts Hit and they all smiled like never before! Peewee's also did a fantastic job, a great performance with great level 2 stunts and awesome motions and jumps.


All coaches give up their time to teach and work with these kids voluntry. And when you see how well they performed you get reminded just why you do give up your time!


Huge Thank You to Carley Johnson and Alison Burns for coaching the Preps and Kelly Boiling for Coaching the Peewees who i know are all soooooo proud of the Sussex Tornados Future Generation.


Senior Coed Group Stunt also took a routine, and came away with a 2nd place trophie. They intended to keep the same routine that got them 4th place in Germany but due to differences in Rules the routine had to be changed. They still did a great job and we noe say good bye to Vicky Graudins who will be going back hme, but will hopefully return to go to Germany 2010 with the Tornados.

Well done group Stunt - Ben Barnard, Jake Barnard, Craig Obal, Ritchie Biyd and Vicky Graudins.


Pics to follow shortly.



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