The Sussex Tornados Junior Squads travelled to Coventry on Friday 16th July 2010 to compete at the BCA International Cheerleading Championships. We took 3 Cheer Routines and 3 Group Stunts, They returned with 3 new Championship titles along with a 2nd and 2 4th place trophies to add to the great achievements they already have. Details below:

Junior Level 3 Group Stunt - 4th place!  

Angela Hampton, Amy Fitzhugh, Sarah Nguire, Hannah Wulff & Sophie Barrett.

Junior Level 4 Group Stunt - 2nd place!

Katie Turnbull, Tayla Mirkovic, Beth Shiels, Jorgia Nye & Beatrice Gauthey.

Junior Level 5 Group Stunt - 1st place - Champions!!! 

Eryn Smith, Abi Wrigley, Sophie Turnbull, Robyn Kaines & Emily Pagett.

Junior Level 3 Cheer - 4th Place! 

This is the routine we took earlier in the year to Americheer internationals Florida USA, this is giving the squad to show off their routine in England, The america Squad consists of Angela Hampton, Katie Turnbull, Eryn Smith, Sophie Turnbull, Kirsty Angel, Kirstie Wilson, Beth Sheils, Beatrice Gauthley, Gemma Rich, Hannah Wulff, Sophie Barrett, Tayla Mirkovic, Sophie Chandler, Siobhan Mcphilmey and Summer Colbourne.

Junior Level 3 Coed - 1st place - Champions!!!

Jay Fruen, George Haselip, Sophie Greaves, Shaunie Barnard, Jorgia Nye, Georgia Butler, Kayleigh Neale, Megan Swift, Chloe Cooper, Angela Hampton, Layla Williams, Broyoni Burns, Amy Fitzhugh, Sarah Nguio, Sophie Barrett, Hannah Wulff, Beatrice Gauthey, Gemma Rich, Hannah Roberts, Tayla Mirkovic, Eryn Smith and Megan Johns. This is the 1st year the Junior Level 3 squad competed as Coed due to our Guys moving up from the Peewee squad to Juniors and 1st place!!

Junior Level 4 Cheer - 1st Place - Champions!!!

Eryn Smith, Amy Fruen, Abi Wrigley, Leanne Hickey, Emily Pagett, Tayla Mirkovic, Alice White, Leah Pelling, Kirstie Wilson, Angela Hampton, Katie Turnbull, Sophie Turnbull, Sophie Chandler, Kirsty Angel, Nicole Weller, Robyn Kaines, Lauren Knight, Summer Colbourne, Beth Shiels, Hannah Roberts, and Eloise Chitty.



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